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Our firm

Bercún Law Firm was founded by Dr. Alberto A. Bercún in 1948.
In 1972, Dr. Eduardo H. Bercún joined the firm as a partner. At present, he is the Managing Partner of the firm.
Dr. Adriana F.E. Habibo, Dr. Gisela Paula Beltrame and Dr. Laura Rozental have been associates since 2012.

Bercún Law Firm is lead by the Managing partner, his associates and a staff of highly qualified professionals with expertise in each specialty area.
We provide a personalized service to each client by establishing a solid relationship with them. We aim at providing a service in which responsibility, excellence and efficiency are ensured.
We engage in our clients´ matters, creating a special synergy and delivering timely advice and attention.
We boast of our ownership model, which allows us to offer our clients qualified advice from talented professionals who analyze, focus, and resolve practical legal matters in a prompt and convenient way.
Regarding our expertise in corporate law, we supervise all legal implications from the multiple viewpoints of a corporation.

Due to the development of technology, communications and globalization, we are able to resolve legal matters immediately. We pride ourselves in permanently keeping up with the latest technological equipment.
As a full service law firm, we deliver a wide range of legal services in general corporate, companies law, contract law, financial law, banking law, mergers & acquisitions, capital market, crisis and debt restructuring, trademarks and patents, industrial property and copyright, whether in or out of court, bankruptcy, labor law, tax law, intellectual property, consumers rights, antitrust regulation, foreign trade, customs law and environmental law, among others.
Furthermore, the importance of our Civil Law Department specialized in all areas and subjects is remarkable–individuals, obligations, contracts, family, succession, joint ownership, horizontal property, among others-, as well as the Counseling and Advising Department in E- Commerce and other technological matters.

Our professionals foster their cultural development and on a regular basis, they attend Congresses, Trainings and workshops delivering speeches and presentations, in this way they keep up with new regulations, case law and market dynamics.
We have vast experience with multinational and small and medium sized companies within our country, as well as with other Mercosur countries, US, Europe and Asia.
We are in partnership with the major bureaus in Brazil, Uruguay, Chile, Paraguay, Panama, Ecuador, US (New York and Miami), Spain, Italy and Israel.
We have a partnership agreement with a very prestigious Bureau, based in both Argentina and overseas, specialized in Accounting and Tax Audits.

For all these reasons, we can state that since its beginning Bercún Law Firm meets our clients´ requirements and maintains the high standards of quality, responsibility and efficiency.”


This website is dedicated to Dr. Alberto A. Bercún, founder of Bercún Law Firm over 66 years ago. In spite of his physical disappearance, his ideas, ethical values, teachings and advice will remain with us. We remember him with love and dedicate this website to him.

Our Staff

Miembros del Estudio Bercun Abogados

Our firm is composed of a team of highly experienced professionals specialized in a broad range of sectors.

Administrative Staff


  • Legal counselling
  • Statutory audit
  • Legal advice
  • Court cases
  • Negociations
  • Contracts
  • Arbitration and Mediation
  • Projects analysis
  • Financial advice and counselling
  • IT advice and counselling
  • Financing
  • Companies restructuring
  • Mergers and acquisitions

Areas of practice

  • Litigations.
  • Alternative dispute resolution.
    • Mediation.
    • Domestic and international arbitration.
  • Corporate Law.
    • Companies.
    • Contracts.
    • Mergers & Acquisitions.
    • Capital markets.
    • Crisis and debt restructuring.
    • Foreign investments.
    • Due diligence.
    • Others.
  • Commercial Law.
  • Bankruptcy Law.
  • Banking and financial Law.
  • Consumer protection and Fair trade.
  • Individual and collective Labor Law.
  • Civil Law.
    • Contracts.
    • Family.
    • Estate and Succession.
    • Joint ownership.
    • Horizontal property.
    • Real rights.
    • Others.
  • Administrative Law.
  • Trademarks, patents, Industrial and Intellectual property and Copyrights.
  • Trademarks, patents, Industrial and Intellectual property and Copyrights.
  • Customs Law.
  • Tax Law.
  • Criminal Law and Economic Criminal Law.


  • Tax Law: Dr. Raúl Gutman
  • Criminal Law: Dr. Juan Carlos Palacios
  • Criminal Law: Dr. José María Orgeria
  • Criminal and Federal Law: Dr. Jorge Sandro
  • Administrative Law: Dr. Pedro Aberastury
  • Customs and Mercosur Law: Dr. Gustavo Zunino


Buenos Aires

QUILMES: Dr. Liliana Parodi
SAN NICOLÁS: Dr. José Gutiérrez

Interior of the country

BAHÍA BLANCA: Diego Duprat
CHACO: Dr. Carlos Chiapello
ENTRE RÍOS: Dr. Carlos Emilio Moro
JUJUY: Dr. Carlos Ramos; Dra. Hebe Meyer
MENDOZA: Dr. Daniel Grzona; Fernando Pérez Hualde; Elías Gustavo Mansur
ROSARIO: Dra. Verónica Accinelli; Lilian Louys
SALTA: Dr. Matías Sanz Navanguez; Dr. Sergio Alvarado
SAN JUAN: Dr. Lucio Pérez; Dr. Carlos Alfredo Vargas Hidalgo
S. M. de TUCUMÁN: Dr. O. Agustín Arca; Dr. Ricardo León Rougés; Dra. Celina Zanoni; Martín E. Abdala

Other countries

  Shibolet; Yisraeli Roberts; Yerushalmi; Zisman & Holender

-  SAO PABLO: Pedro Soares Maciel; Barretto Ferreira – Kujawski – Branchen e Gonçalves - Sociedad de Advogados; Milniteky Advogados Associados

  Alick Lawrence C.

-  LOS ANGELES: Jordan L. Lurie
-  NEW YORK: Silvia Bocatti; Gleason Koatz LLP; Braverman Warfield LLP; Henry Saint Dahl
-  MIAMI: Alan Marcus; Hanz Burgos; Henry Saint Dahl
-  VIRGINIA: Henry Saint Dahl
-  WASHINGTON: Henry Saint Dahl

  S. Javier Rodríguez de la Flor

  Shibolet; Yisraeli Roberts; Yerushalmi; Zisman & Holender

  Ballard of Baward; Dr. Ricardo Vargas


Bercún – Law Firm is recognized for being at the forefront of technology for the services it provides.

In 1981, Bercún Law Firm was the first one in Argentina to install a computers network with its own custom software and control systems. At present, this methodology is still implemented.

Nowadays, its cutting-edge technological equipment allows its professionals to provide a dynamic and modern service to the clients.

Furthermore, several services via web will be shortly introduced to facilitate communication and the flow of information with our clients.

Human Resources

Bercún – Law Firm is in constant growth and hires new professional and law students with a strong vocation, able to work in groups and willing to grow up and face new challenges.

You can attach your CV below to be taken into consideration for future openings.


Bercún – Law firm is looking for Law Firms, Accounting Firms and Financial or financing Companies to create partnerships, mutual cooperation agreements and foster collaboration all over the world.

In case you or your company or law firm may be interested in this kind of relationship, please contact us to our e-mail address estudio@bercun.com

Remember to provide details such as your location, profession and area of expertise.



Contact details

Cerrito 520 - 3º Piso CP 1010
Ciudad Autónoma de Bs. As. - Argentina

Tel/Fax: (011) 4382 3006

Email: estudio@bercun.com.ar
Web: www.bercun.com.ar


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